Albert Einstein said it best: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Everything in life requires balance for survival, and that’s the theory around which my constantly-evolving design philosophy is centered. At the core of a graphic designer’s talent is problem-solving, and the creativity lies in our approach and solution. I try to balance learning from the history of design, while also looking towards the future. I strive to find the balance between form and function, succeeding in both without sacrificing one for the other. I attempt to balance the wants of the client with the needs of the audience. The challenge of balancing these elements requires critical thinking and focus. I am a lifelong student of design + art + life, driven by my endless curiosity and passion for learning. I am grateful to have a career that challenges me, allows me to constantly grow, and satisfies my monkey mind. (It sounds made up, but monkey mind is a very real thing).

I also believe there are many different solutions to one problem, and many philosophies that can be applied. Being a designer means exploring many alternatives, taking risks, and using knowledge and experience to make the best decision.

I am a constant observer, as art is all around us. I love color and white space. I love elegant ampersands. I pay just as much attention to copy, spelling and grammar as I do to layout and design. I love typography, with some exceptions (Brush Script, Papyrus, Comic Sans, just to name a few). In my 15 years as a designer, I’ve worked at agencies and in-house design departments on projects of all sizes and types, from branding to billboards, mobile apps to trade show booths, web banners to web sites. Besides design and all of the inherent skills associated with it, I’m also an avid and skilled photographer.