Just your typical Sunday AM 12k run in a tutu  •  With a Calif. Golden Bear in the gardens of Napa

As an animal lover, I’ve often felt helpless, since I am unable to rescue all of the animals that need a good home. (Side note: one day I will be a bajillionaire and buy a huge farm, and I can then rescue all of them myself... I’m still figuring out how to make this a reality, so if you have any ideas, or millions of dollars to share with me, please let me know.) But the one thing I can do is try to help the local shelters and organizations who are working so hard to find the animals homes. It’s been proven that one good photo can change an animal’s life, and could make the difference between remaining in a shelter or finding their home. I am available to photograph, at no charge, any animal who is looking for a forever home. I have the most experience with dogs, but I will help any animal who could benefit from a good photo. Please email me to schedule a photo shoot or for more information.